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Keep the Peace Bedding Testimonials

Read how Keep The Peace Bedding transforms sleeping for couples just like you!

R. Crooke
“Renae has been our interior designer for 25 years so I was anxious to try her new couples bedding product when she told me about it. I was keenly interested in trying it because my husband is always hot at night and I was always piling on the blankets and quilts on my side to keep warm but they would always fall off the bed throughout the night. With “Keep The Peace Bedding” I can now have my warm down comforter on my side and my husband can have the light weight blanket on his side that he prefers! I was also very pleased that the product doesn’t need to be dry cleaned. I love how it unzips so you can wash each side separately which is very necessary as our golden retriever always sleeps on the bed.”
Bud and Margie
“Keep the Peace Bedding” is perfect for us. One of us is always too warm and the other too cold. This blanket is keeping both of us happy. My wife loves the lightweight down on her side and she says that it seems to retain the warmth. I am really happy with my side of light weight quilted cotton. The full length heavy duty zipper dividing the two sections is a real convenience. This innovative couples comforter really does “keep the peace” in our family.”
Pamela Newcomb
“I believe the” Keep the Peace” blanket is an innovative and very practical product. During the time my husband and I have used the blanket it has in fact kept the peace-me being the warmer sleeper who needs a lighter blanket and sometimes none at all! With the zippered compartments it’s very easy to remove my side of the blanket while my husband peacefully sleeps on!! I highly recommend it to every couple who has different sleep temperature comfort zones. All the best success to Renae and her new product!.”
Emily & Tyler
“Before we began to use “Keep the Peace” couples bedding, my boyfriend and I would often deal with sleepless nights due to the temperature in the room. In our home town of San Diego, the seasons don’t fluctuate too much and the evenings are often pretty temperate. However, being the woman that I am I found myself waking up very cold because Tyler would have the fan on full blast! I would climb out of bed and search for an extra layer of blanket to keep myself warm. All of this changed recently though with “Keep The Peace Bedding”! My side of the bedding already has that extra layer of blanket I always want, and my boyfriend is able to sleep with a lighter layer on his side, which helps us both sleep, and the fan get’s to rest too! I would highly recommend this bedding to anyone looking for a solution to their bedtime temperature woes!”
Nancy & David Pommer
“My husband and I have been using the Keep The Peace Bedding product for over a month now. I am allergic to down so we got the Alternative Down for my side and the Bamboo Blanket for my husband’s side. We have enjoyed the bedding both zipped and unzipped. The fabric is fantastic! It is light-weight but cozy at the same time…”
The Oster Family
“What an effective solution to a common problem! Sleep is very important in our family, we consider it a key to proper physical and mental health. With this system, we don’t need to have two separate blankets on the bed or one blanket always floating around. In the past, we have used two separate bed covers for two people in one bed. Now, we can just throw our bedspread right over top of the blanket onto the bed. Our bedspread is quilted, so you can’t even tell that there is a zippered line on the blanket underneath. Our children also like to snuggle up in our bed and also often share a bed, even though they have bunk beds. With this temperature controlling comforter, our boy who is constantly hot and our ‘normal temperature boy’ can share the same bed and not mess with the blanket on top of them. The zipper makes it extremely easy to zip apart and together, for a half bed blanket or to throw in the wash. It actually fits in the washing machine without sending it off balance! Overall, the blanket is highly functional. The zipper is easy to use but not obtrusive. The blanket is lightweight but warm and cozy. Now we just need to get a few more in some other sizes. “
John and Dot
“It happened again last summer, when the days became hot and the nights remained cool, I remained comfortable under the featherbed while my wife Dot required only a sheet. This had gone on year after year without resolution. One day last Spring I Googled ‘his and hers’ and to my delight discovered Keep the Peace Bedding. In no time I was unwrapping a California Queen size down comforter for my side zipped to a bamboo quilt for hers. When Winter rolled around I simply ordered a matching down comforter for her with a male zipper to mate to mine. The fabric is the finest thread count, and brilliant white color, refreshing to look at, lightweight and comfy to sleep under. I am so grateful to Keep Peace Bedding’s gifted Renae Farley who created this dream-time joy.”