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The Story of Keep the Peace Bedding

Optimized-ktpb3They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well in my case that is how Keep The Peace bedding came about. It all started when I got married and my husband and I had extremely different internal thermostats. When it came to sleeping, it really became a problem. At night he would sleep with the door open and just a sheet and I would need my down comforter to keep me warm. Well because we only had a king size comforter, it usually ended up doubled up on my side of the bed and then I was roasting and could not sleep. After many restless nights, I thought I needed to cut this comforter in half! We need two different bed coverings!

I have been an interior designer for 30 years and do custom bedding for all my clients. So to start with, I just bought a down quilt and a lightweight matelasse blanket and took it to my workroom and asked them to cut it in half and attach a zipper to both and zip the two different beddings together. Now we can each have the weight of covering we want! The first night I used it, I slept great for the first time in our 4 month marriage! I started telling all my friends about it and they said that they had the same problem. Sometimes the opposite if perhaps you were dealing with menopause or other health issues.

So I listened to all the different scenarios and came up with what I thought would solve everyone’s sleeping problems. Keep the Peace Bedding offers several different bedding materials such as lightweight down for summer or synthetic down for those with allergies. Some others may just want a lightweight blanket so we have a wonderfully soft cotton matelasse and bamboo matelasse option to choose from. You simply unzip them and zip on a different covering! Keep The Peace bedding is of course used under your regular decorative coverlet.